Daylight Savings

Reminder that on March 13th we will be moving our clocks forward in observance of Daylight Savings Time. The Monday following the change usually results in additional accidents as people are a little more tired on their way to work in the morning. Please allow extra time Monday morning so you will have a safe and uneventful commute.

It is also recommended to change the batteries in your fire and smoke detectors. The fire department recommends these be checked every six months, which if done during the clock changes, will help you remember when you last checked.

Upcoming Police Softball Tournament

April 8th through 9th will be the annual Easton Conference Final Championship. Come out and cheer on your local police organization. Tickets and more information can be found at Lots of the players have been following the workouts at Top Workout Routines in preparation for these long games. Proceeds raised by ticket sales will of course be donated to the local charities decided by each police organization.

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The community of Togiak is located on the western coast of Alaska approximately 55 miles West of the community of Dillingham. The Togiak Police Department serves the community of Togiak and the surrounding area with Police, Fire, EMS, and Search & Rescue Services.

As you explore this site, it is our desire that you become increasingly aware of the various public safety services and information available through the Togiak Police Department. Please use the links to access information about the departments mission & vision, services, education, press releases, safety, and crime prevention.

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